In Chi Omega, we walk through our college years comforted by sisterly love and a spirit of optimism, knowing that we will always have girls to keep us accountable and cheer us on. We know that our education comes first and value knowledge, hard work and academic integrity. We constantly strive to exceed our expectations in all areas of our lives, academic and otherwise. You can count on your Chi O sisters to be your go-to study partners! Some academic programs we have available to members include Hootie Tutors, in which older sisters offer guidance to younger women in their major, as well as a 24-hour study hall with snacks and treats open to members throughout midterms and finals week! We have no requirement for study hours and the minimum cumulative GPA each sister is expected to maintain to be considered a member in good standing is a 2.75 GPA.
Fast Facts:
  • Aubrey K. Lucas Scholarship Award Winner (2010- Present)
    • Awarded to CPC sorority chapter with the highest GPA on campus
  • Chapter GPA: 
                 Spring 2017- 3.51
                  Fall 2017- 3.557
                  Spring 2018- 3.59
                  Fall 2018- 3.55
                  Spring 2019- 3.54
                  Fall 2019- 3.603
                  Spring 2020- 3.62
                  Fall 2021 - 3.57