College is a time of immense growth and in Chi Omega we want to help you grow in every way possible. Through internships, mentorimg from older sisters, and the help of alumnae, we work to help our sisters feel prepared for their future careers and wherever they may take them. As individuals, we grow through the friendships we build and the support of our sisters in both the good and the bad times. As a chapter, we have events such as Bible studies, ChiYoga to de-stress during finals, sisterhood retreats, and all the in between quality time spent growing in our friendships with one another. As Chi Omega women, we believe our six purposes help us to become strong, independent and well-rounded and achieve the personal growth we all desire in our college years. 

As Director of Career and Personal Development, I help our chapter members focus on their personal development which could include reflecting on their mental health, setting and reaching personal goals, maintaining healthy relationships, and preparing for independence and life after college. This leads to the second part of my job—career development. I help members build resumes, find part-time jobs, decide on majors and what careers those may lead to, and help prepare them for interviews. We recently had a Career Skills Workshop where Chi Omega women were able to get professional headshots and partake in mock interviews. Some of our alumnae from many different fields and majors have also come and spoken to us about the different career options within different majors offered at Southern Miss. This was a great opportunity for our members to learn about and consider the different paths they could follow with their chosen major.  
Career development is important to Chi Omega because we want our members to feel confident, secure, and equipped for the pursuit and fulfillment of whichever career they have chosen. Chi Omega emphasizes the importance of personal development for the betterment of each of our sisters because we truly hold her welfare ever at heart.

Jordan Newell
Director of Career and Personal Development