The most important purpose of Chi Omega is to develop lifelong friendships among its members. Through sisterhood events such as ChiOlympics, chapter movie theater rentals, trips to the trampoline park, pumpkin picking, paint fights, social functions, a Christmas Party, Galentine's Day, and many others, we grow closer to each other and make so many wonderful memories. You can always count on your Chi O sisters to be down for a dinner date, trip to the gym, or snuggle up on a rainy day and binge watch your favorite Netflix show.
In Chi Omega, we believe the comfort and support of your best friends are what truly make your years of college some of the best of your life. When you say "yes" to Chi Omega, you open yourself up to loyal, loving and authentic sisters who will walk by your side through every season of life. Chi Omega is not for 4 years, it's for a lifetime. 
"Never in a million years did I believe Chi Omega could have the impact it has had on my life. Having not rushed as a freshman, I felt alone, fearful, and uncertain if sorority life was truly for me. Now, having just completed my sophomore year as a Chi O, I can wholeheartedly tell you that it is exactly what the Lord had planned for my life. You see, Chi Omega is more than just a sorority, it is a gift that keeps on giving! Not only did I meet an endless amount of new people, but I also met my best friends. The ones who will invest in me for years to come, believe in me when I can't believe in myself, and always have my best interest at heart. The truth is, I needed Chi Omega just as much as it needed me and for that, I am forever grateful."
-Maddie Rogers, PC'19