In Chi Omega, we set high standards for each other in all areas of our daily and spiritual lives. We keep each other accountable in the way we present ourselves because we understand that our actions as individuals represent our sisters and Chi Omega as a whole. Our loyalty is fierce and our determination runs deep. Being in Chi Omega teaches us to appreciate hard work, strength of character and diversity. We celebrate our sisters' accomplishments as if they were our own and bear each other's sorrows so that no one has to walk alone. The love we have for each other sets the standard for the kind of love we accept in all areas of our lives and we go further to spread that love to those around us. Chi Omega does not ask you to change; instead, it loves you unconditionally and pushes you to exceed your own expectations in college and beyond. Everything we do is to put more good into the world as we live each day striving to be "womanly always" and "discouraged never".

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As Personnel Chair, I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that our sisters are safe and well cared for at social functions as well as throughout their collegiate career. Overall, the most important part of my job, and the part that I find the most rewarding is to keep every one of my sister's welfare ever at heart. 

Sabrina Walia
Personnel Chair