The whirlwind of going through Recruitment, being extended a bid and then joining Chi Omega for life can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Chi Omega gives our new sisters a warm welcome by extending friendship and mutual support through our new member program.


The new member period lasts one academic semester and is a time to learn about the Fraternity and educate women on the expectations and requirements of being a Chi Omega. New members also attend a retreat to foster and develop the new friendships and connections within the chapter. Chi Omega, along with the entire CPC community,  abides by a strict no hazing policy and new members can be assured that they will experience nothing but loving, supportive friendship throughout their entire collegiate experience in Chi Omega.


The goals of the New Member program are the following:

  • To make every sister feel welcome, safe and comfortable in her new home, away from home. The Chi Omega house is not only a haven for our members, but more importantly, it is a place where you can find encouraging, supportive, and lighthearted sisters.

  • Aid every new sister in establishing and supporting the study skills and practices necessary to insure academic success. New Members are expected to achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA.

  • Each new member is given a Big Sister to guide her through this new stage of her life and be her go-to resource for guidance on all things Chi Omega related and beyond.

  • Teach the new members the history, traditions, and ideals of Chi Omega. We have a proud tradition of excellence and we want all of our members to share and continue this legacy.

  • Create a platform for new members to forge strong and loyal friendships, and make lasting memories in this lifelong sisterhood!