Dear Potential New Members,

     My name is Sydney, and I am beyond excited to have the privilege of serving as Chi Omega’s Recruitment Chair for 2020! The recruitment process is one that is truly unique because each of you will get an amazing opportunity to find what will soon become your home away from home during your college years. 

     Being around Southern Miss long before college, I always felt at home here, but finding that group of lifelong friends seemed to be what was missing. Chi O instantly welcomed me with open arms, showing me an immense amount of love and giving me more support and encouragement than I had ever dreamed possible. Being surrounded by a group of women who stood beside me and challenged me through every phase of college has been the absolute most rewarding experience. I can confidently say that I have grown to be a better version of myself than I was three years ago, and I have this wonderful sisterhood to thank for that! I can only hope that this journey will have a similar impact on each of you as well. 

     Throughout the week of recruitment, you will get a glimpse of what it truly means to be a Chi Omega — the community service, scholarship, campus involvement, leadership, and of course the authentic sisterhood. These women are driven, intentional, thoughtful and kind. They are my biggest cheerleaders and have grown to be my very best friends! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Southern Miss campus and FSL community in the fall!


Chi O Love and Mine,

Sydney Swafford


Recruitment Chair 2020

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TBA - Recruitment Orientation

August 15th - Open House Round 1

August 16th - Open House Round 2

August 17th - Philanthropy Round

August 18th - Sisterhood Round 

August 19st - Preference Round

August 20th - BID DAY!!!


More details about each day can be found at!

Welcome home, PC21!

On February 27, 2021, 9 amazing young women ran home to Chi Omega! We are so excited to begin the New Member process with them, and we cannot wait to see all that they do here in Chi Omega. Thank you to everyone who made recruitment 2021 such an amazing experience!

Bid Day 2021!!!