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Hello! My name is Presley Bonner, and I have had the privilege of being able to serve as recruitment chair this year at the Epsilon Delta chapter of Chi Omega. I have had such an amazing experience so far being able to show women the love and support I have received from this chapter as well as give them the same opportunity to have this experience themselves. Welcoming new women in to allow our members to be able to pour into and celebrate them for who they are as an individuals is such a special thing.

My job as recruitment chair is to prepare our women to welcome potential new members and make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the recruitment process. It can be a nerve-racking experience, so our hope is to take some of the pressure off and let women know we are there to get to know them for who they are! In addition to this, it is my job to promote the Panhellenic community as a whole, because regardless of the chapter a woman chooses, our goal at Southern Miss is for every woman entering the recruitment process to find their home.

I knew Chi Omega was this feeling of home for myself very early on in the process when I was a potential new member. The overwhelming feeling of genuine love and support that I felt from this chapter was evident from my very first interactions with the women here. You could see the true friendship and bonds that had been formed through this sisterhood, and I knew it was something I HAD to be a part of. I did not feel like I needed to pretend to be something I was not. That feeling has only amplified as an active member of Epsilon Delta. I am reminded daily that I made the right decision for myself when I chose Chi Omega as my home. The women push me to be the best version of myself and reach for goals I thought would never be attainable. In fact, my biggest feeling of support and trust from my sisters came from when they placed me in this position as Recruitment Chair. It is my highest hope that I make my sisters proud as I lead them in this way.

With that being said, I would like to encourage each woman about to go through this same process. We have all been there. We have felt the nerves, the anxieties, and the tears from a day full of talking to so many amazing chapters and feeling torn. We have also felt the relief and fulfillment from knowing we made the right choice when we ran home on bid day. My advice is to be unapologetically you during this process. There are so many emotions during the week of recruitment that are so important to recognize and listen to. Trust your gut, and trust this process.

We are so excited to dive into intentional conversations with each and every one of you! You are all so very loved and valued already. Our wish as Chi Omega as a whole is to appreciate each of you for your individuality and uniqueness. We are eagerly waiting to meet you all and help you find your forever home.

See you soon!

Chi O love and all of mine,

Presley Bonner


Recruitment registration is now open!
Recruitment week: August 11th-16th
Bid day: August 16th
We cannot wait to meet you!



WELCOME! Words cannot express how excited we are for you as you begin your college years and recruitment process! While the recruitment process can be exhausting and stressful, finding your sisterhood is such a special feeling— and I can’t wait for you to experience it! The Panhellenic community at Southern Miss is so unique, and the women in every chapter across the row are amazing! You are going to form so many beautiful relationships and truly find family in your sisterhood, no matter where you run home to on bid day!

For those of you that do run home to Chi O on bid day, wearing your cardinal and straw and throwing XO, just know that it will be an honor and a pure joy to serve you as New Member Educator! I cannot wait to walk by your side not only in Chi Omega, but through the transition into college life! I cannot wait to love you, support you, and truly get to know your hearts! I cant wait to squeeze you on bid day, and just know that your Mama Hootie loves you so much already!


Laura McNeil

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